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10 Jobs in 1: The Life of an Internal Community Manager

Last night, I was having dinner with some folks in my social circle.  One of them exclaimed, “Good news! We FINALLY get to hire an internal community manager.”  We all raised a glass to toast the victory. See, he had been battling to get a headcount to manage his social intranet for years.

Based on his struggle, I decided to develop the Top 10 Roles of an Internal Community Manager.

Now, for some huge Social Business software customers these will come as no surprise, but at smaller companies with more modest resources, an FTE might bust the budget. In these cases, carving out a partial responsibility and making it official reduces the danger of the social intranet becoming beloved in concept but largely shelf ware.

So, here’s the list of the Top 10 Internal Community Manager Roles they often juggle:

HiRes.jpg1. Ambassador. One of the biggest drivers of social business success is company culture. Community managers help form a successful company culture by being open, responsive, and strategic.

2. Unifier. Community managers helps unite distributed leadership on the best practices for internal collaboration.

3. Builder. Skilled managers focus on best ways to structure and design for interaction and engagement. They also stimulate conversation and have content plans until the community matures.

4. Coach. They are excellent at articulating how employees can use the new technology to accomplish real business objectives, without leaving their comfort zone (which often means their email inboxes).

5. Cheerleader. Community managers often bust out the virtual pompoms.  They reward positive behavior.

6. Leader. One of the most important jobs of the community manager is to identify effective volunteer advocates and facilitators for various units (marketing, sales, finance, R&D, manufacturing, etc.). Without these foot soldiers, the community will not take flight.

7. Game Maker.  No, I’m not referring to Panem! Community managers come up with awesome techniques to keep employees engaged and reward the most active contributors or the executives who “get it.”

8. Listener. Community managers understand better than anyone the “pulse” of the employee base.  They often can be the voice of the masses when it comes to marketing ideas, product features, etc.

9. Governor. Community managers help develop and enforce social media guidelines.

10. Analyzer. Successful community managers can help point to real business value (ie. Employee satisfaction, productivity improvements, increase in sales, etc).  They can also do predictive modeling based on sentiment, help find the true expert in a given area, and understand valuable enterprise relationships.

I want to hear from the Internal Community ManagersWhat’s the biggest value you bring to your organization?


Music + Social Business = Love

Everyone says, “I love music” but I REALLY love music. I own more than 2k CDs, and last year I saw exactly 88 live performances.

Part of my obsession stems from years of watching Austin City Limits on PBS. I still remember the first time I set foot in the original studio as a student at The University of Texas and my first show there-Corrine Bailey Ray.

As you can image, I was  thrilled when the social media club asked me to participate on a Social Business Panel on the ACL Stage! I was joined by all-star performers:

Even though I love evangelizing the new way to work, this particular event had me a bit nervous for the following reasons:

1. Austin has the biggest SMC behind San Francisco.

2. I would be on the same stage where Willie Nelson got his start. I couldn’t mess this up!

3. The panel was filled with some of my closest professional contacts, yet we all work for competitive solutions.

But when I walked into that studio, all of my anxiety went away.  I saw the lights from the fake, out-dated, Austin skyline and realized this was an amazing opportunity for a music-lover like me to talk about the thing I’m most passionate about – social business.

After I got the first question, “What is Social Business?” I settled into my chair and had a blast.  Not only was I extremely proud of the way I represented the company that I’ve loved since 2007, but I learned from my fellow panelists, got to network with innovators, and helped people just starting off on the amazing social business journey.

Thanks, Social Media Club Austin for an awesome event!  You can watch a recording of the panel here. (It starts about 10 minutes into the recording).


Voice of the Customer Conference

Last week, I met with several Voice of the Customer professionals and customer intelligence experts at the Allegiance Engage Summit in Park City, Utah. One of the highlights of the day (beside SNOW IN MAY) included a presentation by author and former Apple chief evangelist Guy Kawasaki.

I wanted to share with you guys, Guy’s keynote address based on his latest book “The Art of Enchantment.”  He provided attendees with creative ways that businesses can become more likeable and trustworthy while engaging customers and winning more business. He pointed out that companies should “remove the speed bumps” and make it easier for customers to do business with them.

Here is a shortened version of his presentation I found online:


New Way Tour live broadcast, featuring SAP, Gartner, and Jive CEO

During my first month on the job, I’ve been a road warrior on the New Way Tour.  It has been an awesome experience bringing real-world case studies of social business success to cities across North America and Europe.  I just found out that we’re going to stream live video of the San Francisco event, so the folks at home can get inspired, learn best practices, and network without leaving their desks!

Date:  May 24, 2011
Time:  8:30 AM – 10:30 AM PST


Mark Yolton, SVP, SAP Community Network
SAP has embraced the new way, and achieved amazing results. Hear @MarkYolton share how mission-critical Social Business is at the fourth-largest software company in the world.

Chris Fletcher, Research Director, Gartner
@ChrisFletcher will share his views on the rapidly growing social business industry.  Hear him share his perspective on what’s in store for companies already embracing social, and the implications for the ones that haven’ done so yet.

Tony Zingale, CEO, Jive Software
@tonyzingale will share his perspective on the state of Social Business, and what the future of work holds for all of us. You’ll also get an exclusive, up-close look the company’s latest software release, Jive 5.

Register for the New Way Tour Live Broadcast.