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May 13, 2011


WOOT for The Fed Web!

by deirdrewalsh

A few months ago, I got a voice message from The Federal Reserve asking me to keynote their annual #w3dge conference.  When I first heard it, I thought, “Oh no.  They have the WRONG Deirdre Walsh. It must be the smart, political-savvy CNN producer/my SEO  competitor Deirdre Walsh.” However, I was lucky enough that indeed they were searching for me.

After a crazy 7-hour flight that involved not one but two incidents with my neighbor and corn on the cob, I arrived in Dallas at the Federal Reserve Bank. Past the multiple security guards, x-ray machines and sets of key-card revolving doors, I arrived inside a beautiful building. Immediately I was greeted by fun folks like @pixelheresy and @brightmatrix, crayons, starbursts.

I delivered a fresh presentation called “The New Way” that outlines social Web trends, my 6 pillars for social media success and what’s next in the industry. I was SO impressed by The Federal Reserve’s passion and desire to be not only trusted advisers and thought-leaders, but open, transparent participants on the social Web. Woot The Fed Web!

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  1. Morgan
    May 13 2011

    I just looked at your presentation slides…made me miss sitting across from you and watching your mind tick and put things together. I am so happy so many people are seeing your ideas, I could listen to you present all day.

  2. ridingo
    May 13 2011

    It’s been a great honor to watch you evolve over the past couple years. As we talked today, you have to be in my book! Keep up the great work!

  3. May 17 2011


    Thanks for your clever & warm compliments about our event. We really enjoyed having you as a keynote, and I personally enjoyed getting the opportunity to chat with you throughout. I hope to learn a lot more from you from here on out!

    Mike (@brightmatrix)

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