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April 4, 2011


The Top 10 Reasons I Joined Jive Software

by deirdrewalsh

Today, I officially started the next phase of my career by joining Jive Software.  After launching a word-class Social Business program at National Instruments, I’m thrilled to move from a Jive customer champion to Jive’s social media champion.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Reasons I Joined Jive:

1. Passion. I’ve been involved in “social” since companies were building profiles on MySpace. Like others, I’ve transformed the program (and the titles  on my business card) from community management to social media marketing to Social Business. Despite the evolution in the last five years, one thing hasn’t changed – my love for connecting people, building valuable relationships, and being a trusted advisor on how “social” can make a real business impact.

2. Products. As a customer, I saw firsthand how Jive’s software improves support operations, customer loyalty, product development, marketing, public  relations, sales and the daily lives of employees. It’s the best enterprise social software for bridging the conversations inside and outside the firewall; intuitively empowering customers and employees; and engaging the social Web. This has been my mantra the last year (see Social Media Pangea).

3. People. Jive’s management teamboard, and employees are first class. I’m excited to join some of the industry’s brightest minds in strategy, marketing, product development, etc.

4. Position. I get to DO social media marketing FOR a social business company.  How cool is that?!?

5.  Purpose. Jive is a company with a strong mission – a new way to business.  It is the first company to bring the innovation of the consumer web to the enterprise. And in doing so, makes work great and breaks down the barriers separating employees, customers, and partners.

6. Patrons. Jive has awesome customers. I can’t wait to share stories of how our technology empowers companies like Nike, Intel, and, of course, my former employer National Instruments.

7.  Prestige. Leading industry analysts position Jive as a leader in social software for the workplace.

8.  Partnerships. Jive partners with great companies, like Google and Twitter, who recognize the value of Social Business.

9.  Places. I look forward to building up the Jive user group in Austin, one of the world’s premiere tech-cities, and traveling to great places like San Fran, Portland, Seattle, Boston, etc. evangelizing Jive’s Social Business technology.

10.  Parties. Let’s face it there is no better party than JiveWorld.  The work-hard, play-hard culture is reflected at this stellar event.

I’m excited to take my passion for building valuable relationships to the next level as Jive’s new senior social media manager. Stay tuned to this blog for updates along our social media journey.


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  1. Morgan
    Apr 5 2011

    This is great. I am so happy for you – and for Jive. They’re lucky to have you! What a great position and well-suited for you!

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