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June 14, 2010

National Instruments Ensures Customer Success

by deirdrewalsh

In continuation of the NI social media story series, I wanted to focus on support and customer success.

At NI, we are committed to providing an answer to every support question posted on the NI Discussion Forums. Initially, we relied solely on applications engineering employees to assist with customer issues. Now, we give our online community members 24 hours to respond to a support question before assigning an applications engineer to the task. Dennis Knutson, dubbed the first  “Knight of NI” (a clever play on “Monty Python”), has contributed more than 20,000 posts and was recognized on the forums by NI cofounder and “Father of LabVIEW” Jeff Kodosky.

Today, the community correctly answers 50 percent of all issues. This outstanding level of contribution helped NI win Forrester’s Groundswell Award for top support community in 2008.

We also have an awesome software-sharing site called the NI Code Exchange.  Here both NI employees and community members can share code, drivers, and other software IP to be more successful with NI products.  Today, there are more than 2,700 user-submitted VIs, or virtual instruments.

Finally, we help our users collaborate through online and offline user groups.  There are more than 20o groups online on everything from job networking to large application development.

How do you ensure customer success?


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