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May 4, 2010

#MPB2B: Social Media Guidelines: Necessary or Limiting?

by deirdrewalsh

Today, I’m speaking at both #mpb2b and #socialc20 in Boston, so I   thought I would blog for you guys live from the conferences or you can follow along on Twitter.

David Thomas Speaker – SAS

Three   steps to building social media program:

1. Build  internal  awareness

*invite practioners and rule makers

*figure   out what’s  important – start with exisiting marketing goals. social   media is just a  tool.

*focus on recommendations

2.  Build   framework

*create a position (hire or evolve a   current role)

*social media should live where it makes sense for   your business and your goals.  David came from the PR team (ditto!).

*set   social media guidelines and recommendations (download the file. can be   used as long as not published on the Web)!!  Need to be friendly,   concise, and broken down into sections.

*communicate.  communicate. communicate.  need to over  communicate the guidelines  internally.

*spotlight successful use  of the guidelines.

*lead  by example.  if you are in social  media, you need to be out there using  the tools successfully.

*never  say anything negative in social  media about other brands.  they may be  one of your customers!!  (joke –  need to keep list of the airlines  that our SAS customers).

3.  Build strategy

*define  success (ie. how much traffic  are you driving to your corporate  website from twitter at a user  conference)

*give employees the  tools (analytics, listening, etc)

*use  templates, plans for social media (ie. have a plan for how  to use  social media at conferences. create standard avatars and twitter  backgrounds)

*map social media to goals

Q: International Participation

*train  branches that you shouldn’t create new presense on social media if there  is one from your company that already meets your needs.  also, look to  see if there are industry specific thing that you  can just join the conversation (ie. business analytics group already  existed on linkedin so don’t create a new one).

*uses SAS facebook fan page of corporate  directory of all other sites internationally

Q:  Sales Participation

*Teach sales that Twitter and Facebook are not for gathering leads but having conversations

Q: How do you deal with legal department?

*Have an executive sponsor to help push it through

*Make sure you have a legal rep involved in the social media process

Q: CEO won’t let employees on socail media at ALL

*Check out Charlene Li’s presentation on Convincing the Curmudgeon

Q: Employee left company create podcasts, linkedin, etc.

*Facebook, LinkedIn, etc don’t have policies on who owns it.  So need to make sure you “own” admin rights, etc.

*Bloomberg puts under – unauthorized use of trademark or copywrite to prohibit employees from creating new Twitter or Facebook pages.

Q: Google Sidewiki

*Comparision – it’s like someone painting your house for you, but the difference isn’t on your website it’s on the consumer’s Web

Q: Do you put listening on your guidelines?

* SAS has it in their guidelines who is responsible for the listening.

*Don’t get enngaged in online argument.

Q: What’s the first step in trying to sell social media?

*Do a quick social media audit

*Google Local – own the seach results for your business


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