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January 10, 2010


Social Media Pangaea – The Big Trend in 2010

by deirdrewalsh


Recently, I was asked to speak at the Social Media Breakfast and give my prediction on the big trend in 2010.  I developed this analogy of the Social Media Pangaea that I wanted to share.

Currently in most B2B organizations, social media is broken apart; however, in the next 12-18 months, enterprises will be moving to the social media supercontinent.

Today, there is a battle internally, and different departments own various aspects of collaboration.  There are IT folks driving internal wikis; support and product marketing departments in charge of branded communities; and PR and marketing gurus responsible for the conversations happening off the corporate domain in popular social media outlets like Facebook, YouTube, and, of course, Twitter.

Externally, there is a platform war going on. Should we be on Facebook? Is there more value on LinkedIn? How much longer will Twitter be successful? Should we be trying to squeeze our Web site on an iPhone app? The list of debatable questions goes on and on.

However in 2010, the online continental plates are shifting. Businesses will be finding ways to not only force integration on the surface level (i.e. embedded moderated Tweets on to your corporate site), but will truly be making valuable connections between the conversations happening both inside and outside the firewall.

For example, at National Instruments, we are working hard to bridge conversations. We now have a robust social media portal that allows us to easily collaborate internally on the conversations about our brand on popular social media outlets. This move to “enterprise social software,” intuitively and securely connects these seemingly two worlds. Additionally, we are working on bridging the employee and customer-facing communities. At the end of the day, with all of the pieces united, I feel like the Social Media Pangaea will help us meet our objectives of getting good product feedback, helping our customers be successful with our products, driving awareness and loyalty, and maybe even selling a few products.

For more, check out this video interview from the event:

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  1. hilstreet
    Jan 15 2010

    Thank you for organizing a place where we can collaborate internally! It’s great to see all the thoughts in one place.

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