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April 20, 2009


Happy Earth Day — Social Media Style

by deirdrewalsh

Today, my friends Brad and Jon sent me this cute card in celebration of Earth Day

Immediately, I thought about a cool experience I had this weekend.  On Sunday, my dad rode in his 11th MS150.  (To say I’m proud is an understandment)!

In order to participate, he had to raise at least $400.  While this isn’t a large sum of money, I can imagine it was a bit akward asking our friends and family to donate during these tough economic times.  To combat that, my friend Mike Boudreaux, an awesome product manager at Emerson, shared his story at the B2B Tweetup last Friday about how he used Twitter to raise funds for the 180-mile bike ride.  


In less than 140 characters, Mike asks his followers for help:

Mike's Plea




They respond graciously! 

Mike 3




In the end, Mike exceeded his goal.  




Once again, social media saves the day.  Plus, it’s really cool.  I got to “follow” Mike throughout the ride on Sunday and cheer him on both in real life and in the Twittersphere. 

Congrats to all the riders, who helped raise a significant amout of money for a great cause.  You are truly inspirational.

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  1. jennhb
    Apr 20 2009

    I couldn’t agree more. I’m really impressed with both Tiffany Morrison and Mike Boudreaux’s use of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for fundraising this year. Both said they were surprised with the generosity of their networks. Which reminds me, Poppa Bear Walsh didn’t ask us to donate to his fundraising this year. Are we out of the family again?!

  2. Apr 20 2009

    Haha…I’m sure he didn’t want to bug you guys. Maybe he should join Facebook….oh wait, who am I kidding? That would be scary!

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