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December 11, 2008


How the Golden Girls will Revolutionize Online Business

by deirdrewalsh

Today, I attended a brainstorming session on how to best integrate social media with multimedia to provide real business value.  Already, National Instruments has a successful viral video campaign, An Engineering Mind, more than 600 on-demand technical webcasts that generate leads and help our users become more successful with our products, and a very successful virtual user group program for our flagship product LabVIEW.

Today, however, I was trying to think outside the YouTube box.

As I started researching to get my brain warmed up, I stumbled across the Video Gift Guide, “an innovative new site that features great gifts, an opportunity to see them in action, a quick click to purchase and great savings — all in one place.”  So, I decided to test it out and felt this description didn’t even do the service justice.  Check out my step-by-step experience.

Step 1: Watch targeted video that helps with your gift-buying decision.  I selected “Save Big on 80s DVDs.”


Step 2: Choose the product featured in the video that interests you. For me, that was the 1985 classic show, Golden Girls Season 1 (in honor of my BFF Kirby).


Step 3: Click on the product and get an automatic savings like free shipping, rebates, or even cost-saving promo-codes.  In my case, I got a GREAT upsell offer for $4 off season 2 of the show!!


Step 4: Purchase Item.  I was automatically taken to the corresponding page on for the DVD set, making shopping for my friend as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. The only draw back was that it automatically took me to the second season since that was the upsell offer.  A minor kink in this awesome application.

Video Gift Guide uses the ConciseClick technology built by Clear-Media to allow users to rollover and click on the objects within the video and takes directly to the product to purchase.  This technology will revolutionize not only video but online business.  I would love to see NI prospects have the ability to directly purchase the NI graphical programming software LabVIEW or the ruggedded CompactRIO controller after watching one of our technical training or application videos.

Watch out YouTube (er, Google)….or purchase the technology ASAP.

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  1. Nancy
    Dec 12 2008

    Sweet!!! Here is an idea. Have a short (under 2 minutes 🙂 ) video of a LabVIEW block diagram highlighting various programming techniques. Then the user can click to the short tutorial of the item that they find interesting. No it’s not selling anything.

    But…. the program can also include modules (like database toolkit) that the user can buy.

    And… let’s have some fun. Let’s teach users to think well in LabVIEW. Let’s analyze a couple programs. Include a short Aivaliotis video of Justin and Norm arguing over some fine programming points.

    Okay – those are my quick thoughts. If I come up with more, I’ll swing back by. Now back to work on LVOOP!

  2. Dec 14 2008

    That’s a really good idea and would help the users dive down deeper into the area of the block diagram they find most interesting. Plus, I like putting the “human” touch…with Mike’s videos. Although, I’m afraid Norm might actually be a robot.

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