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September 17, 2008

Engineering TV: NI LabVIEW Nintendo Power Pad

by deirdrewalsh

Miss the old-school Nintendo Power Pad? I know I do. While I’m addicted to my Wii, there is something still so magical about old-school games like Track & Field.

This week, I was featured on an episode of Engineering TV, an online video program focused on technical B2B engineering topics. This great video site and covers emerging technologies, best practices, new products, and behind the scenes footage of design engineering.

One of the hosts of Engineering TV attended the NIWeek 2008 conference. As the NI community manager, I manage the LabVIEW Zone area of the expo floor. This community spaces serve as the international hub for “meet and greets;” showcases key members; allow users to test-drive latest version of LabVIEW; and, my favorite part, contains interactive, creative product demonstrations built on our graphical programming language.

Since our user conference was the week of 8.8.08, I wanted to do something in the spirit of the Beijing Olympics given that both events feature global champions. The demo featured in the Engineering TV video, showed how competitors could compete in a video game reminiscent of the original Konami Track & Field series. The game was programmed using NI LabVIEW and the control interface utilizes the classic Nintendo Power Pad, a mat with twelve pressure-sensors embedded between two layers of flexible plastic. Other competitions in the LabVIEW Zone included a fencing match and a remote-control car race.

Check out my mad Power Pad skillz here:


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