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July 21, 2008


MDS: Community Marketing and Social Media Homework

by deirdrewalsh

Digitial Homework

Today, Heidi Baschnagel, the director of marketing communications at National Instruments, asked me to put together a list of recommended readings for students in the NI MarCom Leadership Class, internally known as the “NI MBA.” Having gone through this class in 2006, I am extremely excited about the opportunity to share some nuggets of wisdom in the areas of community and social media marketing with the company’s newest leaders.

If you are in the class and reading this post, I hope you enjoy the following videos, blog posts and Web sites. Now, on to the “homework.”

The Top 5 Intro Resources for B2B Community and Social Media Marketing

1. Common Craft Videos – These fun, educational videos are great for understanding new technologies, including wikis, RSS and social media like the one included below.

2. The Groundswell – the book and accompanying blog are great in explaining the fundamental shift in marketing as well as the new social technologies.  Please read this post on the Corporate Social Technology Strategy to see how businesses are moving away from traditional corporate functions to energizing

The Groundswell - Best Book of 2008

The Groundswell - Best Book of 2008

3. Anything by Sam Lawrence. Deemed the “new Scoble,” the author of the Go Big Always blog and CMO of Jive Software — the company that powers the platform behind and – has a unique perspective on community marketing.  For the class, please read this post on Top 5 Things Online Community Strategists Can Learn from American Chopper.

4. Community Group Therapy.  While in this role the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many great community experts.  We share successes and war stories (usually while drinking beer at SXSW).  But, I’ll never forget the first connection and mentor I had in the field, Sean O’Driscoll.  Here is one of his best posts on the ROI of community.

Additionally, I had the pleasure of meeting another industry pundit at Forrester Research this year, Jeremiah Owyang.  He is the former Community Manager at Hitachi Data Systems and has written a blog post called A Complete List of the Many Forms of Web Marketing.  If you read nothing else, check out this list to get an understanding of the options as a B2B marketer.

5. Explore B2B Communities. Visit the B2B sites, which include some of my favorite technical communities to see how they are engaging users and using social media.

Enjoy and feel free to ping me if you have additional resources or thoughts on the information above.

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  1. Jul 22 2008

    Hi Deirdre, Thanks for including the Emerson Process Experts site! The Common Craft videos are great. I linked to one explaining Twitter on our DeltaV Twitterers site ( )

    I also recommend Friendfeed (mine is ) as a way to combine all your online activities (youtube, Flickr,, Google Reader shared items, Twitter, etc.) with others.

    Take it easy, Jim

  2. Jul 22 2008

    Hi, Jim!

    Thanks for the FriendFeed reminder. Here is my address there: Hope you are doing well. Let’s grab lunch again soon.


  3. Jul 22 2008

    Class — I was looking back at my notes from 2006, when I first started working on community building at National Instruments, and stumbled across this great blog post from Guy Kawasaki on “The Art of Creating a Community.” Might be another good resource.

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