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February 29, 2008

Split Personality – MySpace vs. Facebook

by deirdrewalsh
Are you leading a double life?

Are you leading a double life?

I was having dinner with a guy friend of mine last night and he started explaining the woos of juggling two girls – one on MySpace and one on Facebook. Now, I’ve heard of folks separating their personal social networks from their professional online spaces (imagine MySpace vs. Linkedin); however, this was the first time I encountered a friend keeping their social life (as messy as it is) in two different networking sites. My prediction – Facebook is destroying the split personality syndrome.

Part of the site’s strong growth rate is in large part due to the fact they appeal to both the professional and personal side of users. It’ll be interesting to see how people react as their physical identity merges with their online persona.

Personally, I can barely keep track of my car keys, much less having an @work-Deirdre and an @home-Deirdre. It’s hard enough having two email addresses! I often get questioned about the topic of split personalities since a large part of my job as a Technical Community Marketing Manager is interacting with users online. Basically, I live in the virtual world much like I do in the real one — open, honest, and a bit wacky.

Oh and as for my friend, he called as I was writing this post to inform me the “MySpace Chick” is now requesting to be his friend on Facebook. Whoops!


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