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January 4, 2008



by deirdrewalsh

Here is a great email from NI Applications Engineer Emilie Kopp on a new online tool called Spokeo: Guy Kawasaki features a new tool on the Web called Spokeo, which tracks information and online activities of friends. Meaning, it is able to monitor facebook notes, YouTube vids, flickr photos, twitter tweets etc, updated by a specific person that you’re following. Kinda creepy if you think about it. But useful, nonetheless.

At the end of his blog, Guy lists all the sites that Spokeo supports. Would we ever consider contacting Spokeo to add our community to their list of sites?

Moreover, I know we would like to have a similar tool within our site to track forum and code postings of our members. So maybe we can learn a thing or two from Spokeo on how we can do this, or even integrate tracking information from other sites with ours. For example, we have no problem tracking the number discussion forums answered or examples submitted for a specific community member within our site. But lets say this domain expert also has a blog hosted on Blogger, i.e. off the NI community site. We can use something like Spokeo to track this activity so that we can integrate tools for blogging with our current community tools.

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  1. Jun 21 2010

    Problem with the Spokeo is that the information is far from accurate. It especially has trouble with common names such as Smith. And doesn’t get it when people change phone numbers and the new numbers are assigned. Job seekers and anyone concerned about their online reputation should be wary?

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