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October 18, 2007

Twitter – the new email?

by deirdrewalsh



Today, Guy Kawasaki had a post today titled, “How Twitter Made My Website Better,” which lists 9 reasons Twitter has improved truemors. One interesting point he states, “On any given day, Twitter is the third best source of click throughs-trailing only Google and Popurls.”

Additionally, in a recent Fast Company article, Robert Scoble stated, “given what it and other companies spend acquiring new customers, there’s an untapped gold mine in Twitter and Facebook because we’re volunteering so much information about what we’re doing right now. Learning how to tap it correctly-both to sell to me directly and in seeing major trends in the millions of daily public posts-will be the next major challenge for these companies.”

The only two LabVIEW groups that really latched onto Twitter during our annual developer conference, NIWeek 2007, were LAVA and the LabVIEW Champions – both elite users of our graphical programming language.

I’m going to start promoting cool NI content through my posts and see if we get any traffic. I’m curious to see if other NI Blogs (that’s mainly you VIRoadShow and Eyes on VIs) get traffic from Twitter.

You can find me on Twitter here.

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