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August 1, 2007

Google Maps Enterprise Edition — Cool or Overpriced?

by deirdrewalsh

I was looking to do a Google Map of all NIWeek 2007 attendees; however, the cost is outrageous.

Below is an email I received from a Google representative after filling out some information on their maps enterprise software.  Check out the links below and let me know your thoughts.  Personally, I can’t believe they chare $10K to embed a map, but at least it doesn’t have advertising on it!

Here are a few links which provide more information on our offering: – info on the Google Maps for Enterprise product – download the free API to test functionality

We price our solution on a price per transaction model where a transaction is defined as any time you make a request to our servers for info (map load, zoom, panning, etc).

Pricing (based on transactions on an annual agreement):
1.5M – $10k
5M – $25k
18.75M – $75k
100M – $250k

To get around the large fee, I decided to go with Atlas for the mapping service.

This site allows multiple people to add content, even images and comments, easily.  It also can map data from Wikipedia or Google Local Search.  Then, we can embed the map at no extra charge on LabVIEW Zone, unlike Google, which requires you to pay at least $10K.  We can also upload data in CSV format and download data in KML format.  Yippee!!!!

We will have computers setup at the block “diagram” party at NIWeek to allow users to imput their information. Here are the easy steps below:

Screen 1: Visit and Contribute
Visit the following URL:

On the top right hand of the page hit the “contribute to this map” link

Screen 2: Add Marker

On the Contribute to this Map Popup, type address or business name

Screen 3: Plot Location
On this screen, choose the address or business result to put on the map.


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